Greater Tomorrow

...helping you to actively slay the giant social problems of this world!

Our Mission is to help those who help others by providing them with the tools to turn their vissions into reality!

Our pledge to our projects in Greater Tomorrow is expressed in our VALUES:

1. SERVICE. We are here to serve you! – We are fanatical about service to our clients and project managers are our primary clients
  1. Information – You have current access to all the information you need about your project and your donors uploaded every night to the web.
  2. Donor Care – We care for your donors as if they were our own and we don’t share your donor base with anyone
  3. Simple – Once your project is established everything runs seamlessly, you can run your project from anywhere in the world
  4. Identity – Your project identity is maintained for your donors, we are in the background
2. SOLUTIONS. We will help you find a way – We specialize in creative solutions to simple and complex problems.
  1.  Partnership – We view ourselves as your partner in ministry, we take a personal interest in your project and your success
  2.  Experienced – In 25+ years with over 400 current projects we have probably seen your problem before and have the experience to handle most every situation
  3. Creative – We are problem solvers and can bring creative solutions to any problem
  4. Strategic – We are networkers and aware of what others in the industry are doing, so we can help you be strategic in your task
 3. SUPPORT. We will take care of all the administrative details – We are comprehensive, trustworthy, reliable and we strive to do everything with integrity so that you can have the peace of mind to pursue your vision without worrying about the details.
  1. Professional Services – We have legal counsel on staff and are GAAP compliant
  2. Peace of Mind – We have been doing this for over 25 years, you can have peace of mind, knowing we will be there for you
  3. Integrity – Everything is done in accordance with IRS guidelines, generally accepted accounting principles and common sense
  4. Reliable – We were here yesterday and we will be here tomorrow, you can count on us
4. SAVINGS. We will provide overwhelming value at a reasonable cost without sacrificing service or integrity so that you can do more with every dollar that is given to your project.
  1. Good Stewardship – Our administration fee is the lowest in the industry with no fixed costs for Operating Projects, you never pay for more than you need. At 1% per year on Donor Advised Funds, we are priced competitively with other community foundation structures but offer significantly more services.
  2. Highest service – No one in the industry offers more services to charitable projects or donor advised funds than we do.
  3. Lowest cost – Of the top 10 organizations that do similar things, we are the lowest cost with the highest amount of services which gives you the greatest value.  Over 95% of the funds that come in go directlry for program services.
  4. Cost Efficiency – Because we are providing services for many projects, you get economy of scale on everything you do and never rise to a level of scrutiny with the IRS. Your staff can spend their time doing the charitable work not handling the administration.