...helping you to actively slay the giant social problems of this world!

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  • Lending a hand to those who need it!
  • Helping you improve the literacy rates around the world!
  • Helping you solve hunger problems by helping the future farmers of the world.
  • Helping women develop skills to earn a living.
  • Helping families around the world earn a living.
  • Helping you solve the problem of where future generations need to get their information.




  • Privilege 914

    Privilege 914

    by Privelege 914 Manager

    We are working with people of South Asia to provide an education for the disadvantaged and marginalised, helping to lift them out of poverty and making a difference by giving them hope for the future.

  • Hamomi Children's Centre

    Hamomi Children's Centre

    by Joy Nafungo

    Hamomi’s mission is to improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nairobi by allowing them to develop into adults with the skills necessary to improve their own social and economic conditions.


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